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FlashCash® is an innovation of Greenwald Industries, a division of the Eastern Company (NASDAQ: EML). Founded in 1954, Greenwald Industries was instrumental in creating self-payment solutions, initially in the coin-operated laundry industry.

Over the years, our product line has responded to changing times. With the acquisition of Intellicard Ltd., an innovator of SmartCard payment systems, Greenwald became a leading supplier of technology based payment systems. Our SmartCard technology and payment applications are used extensively worldwide.

Leveraging our success in the laundry market, we have expanded our reach to now include the event industry.  Our FlashCash solution for events includes SmartCards and Wristbands, SmartCard Readers and Kiosks, a data management system to help manage your particular event, and, in the near future, a customizable phone app. 

As a company that thrives on innovation and exceeding our customers' expectations, we welcome the opportunity to partner with event operators to create customized payment solutions that will improve their operations.