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Managing cash is complicated for event owners and guests. Our system streamlines the process with flexible options for event operators. 

74% of consumers make mobile payments

Guests easily convert cash or credit to a smart card using a self-operated kiosk. Guests like not having to keep track of tickets, tokens or cash. Event operators like having increased cash control. Since our kiosks are available in separate cash and credit options, event operators can host cash-only events if they choose. 

It's easy.

Our tap-and-go Smart Cards and Wristbands contain a microchip for instant contactless reading. Cards and wristbands have unique IDs for easy traceability and custom printing promotes your brand and events.​

Affordable kiosks allow cash and credit acceptance throughout your event. Guests can easily purchase new cards or add value to an existing card without the need for ticket sellers.

Our tap-and-go readers speed up transactions by eliminating card swiping or moving parts. Bright lights and a lit alpha-numeric graphical display confirm payments.

Our back office software allows event owners to track all revenue, spending details and funds. The tablet app allows for easy venue set-up and may be used on or offline.

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Adapt to Consumer Payment Trends

Consumers spend 12-18% more when using credit cards instead of cash
66% of consumers prefer to use credit card over cash